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It is prohibited to change the content in any way.

Content from the webportal – direct or indirect – is to be cited using the usual rules applied to citation:

Author of the page, Menu item and title of the page, in: Andrea Griesebner (ed.), Webportal. Marriages at Court 3.0, <URL> (Date of visit).
Example: Andrea Griesebner, Project. Research Interests, in: Andrea Griesebner (ed.), Webportal. Marriages at Court 3.0, <https://ehenvorgericht.univie.ac.at/?page_id=2825&lang=enh> (1.05.2020).

The same rules apply to quotations from the database. Unless expressly approved by Andrea Griesebner, principal investigator, the use and further processing of the content of the database is not permitted.

The reference to content from the database is to be cited as follows:

Example: After almost five years of evidence proceedings, the Vienna Consistory divorced the marriage of Martin Ziegler and Regina Zieglerin from bed and board on August 5, 1677. The divorce had been requested by the husband and was based on adultery.

See: Database, in: Andrea Griesebner (ed.), Web portal. Marriages at Court 3.0. https://ehenvorgericht.univie.ac.at/?page_id=4782&base=wp&id=3183&lang=en (1.5.2020).

The couple had been married since 27th of May 1646.

See: ibid, https://ehenvorgericht.univie.ac.at/?page_id=4780&base&kernzeit&pid=2097&lang=en (1.5.2020).

Andrea Griesebner, 2017, translation Jennifer Blaak
Last update: Andrea Griesebner, August 2020

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