Time Period | Consistory Court: Passau LO

  • 1558-1592 (192 married couples, 211 proceedings)
  • 1649-1654 (32 married couples, 39 proceedings)
  • 1666-1677 (66 married couples, 92 proceedings)
  • 1714-1720 (29 married couples, 50 proceedings)
  • 1747-1751 (55 married couples, 87 proceedings)
  • 1772-1783 (156 married couples, 241 proceedings)

General Information

The dates designate the examination periods from which we collected data from the ecclesiastical court of Passau, lower Officialat. The figures in brackets refer to the number of married couples and the marriage proceedings conducted by them. With the selection of one of the periods you branch to the individual people.

The list you find on the following page covers all married couples who filed one or more proceedings at the Passau Consistory, lower Officialat in the selected period. The entries are sorted alphabetically according to last name and first name of the wife and husband. You find the information on how many litigations the respective couple led in brackets. If a couple led several proceedings, it may be that they are to be found also outside of the core investigation period. The reason for this is that we tried to find additional information in the books adjacent to the systematically investigated time periods.

Further information on the differentiation of core and extended investigation period, as well as detailed descriptions of the sources examined can be found here.

Andrea Griesebner, 2017
last update, Andrea Griesebner, August 2020