Evelyne Luef

Luef_FotoStudied History and Scandinavian Studies in Vienna, Umeǻ and Göteborg. Doctorate studies in History at the University of Vienna since 2008 and funded with a research scholarship from the University in 2009 and a Marietta Blau Scholarship in 2010. Work as a lecturer at the History Institute at the University of Vienna since the summer semester of 2010. She is an editorial journalist for the periodical Frühneuzeit-Info (Early Modern Period-Info) and, since April 2016, a scientific project research assistant involved in the research project Eheprozesse zwischen dem 16. und 19. Jahrhundert (Matrimonial Proceedings between the 16th and 19th centuries).


A Matter of Life and Death: Suicide in Early Modern Austria and Sweden (ca. 1650-1750)

Degree completed with honours: September 2016


Historical Suicide Research, Criminal History of the Early Modern Period, Female and Gender History, History of Marriage, Marital Disputes and Divorce and Separation in the Early Modern Period

E-mail: evelyne.luef@univie.ac.at

For more information see: evelyneluef.wordpress.com

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