Birgit Dober

Studied Educational Sciences with a focus on feminist media and museum pedagogic, Master’s Degree in German as a foreign language and German as a second language as well as History at the University of Vienna. The topic of her thesis was: “Adultery, abortion, infanticide. A case study from the early 18th century”, and her degree was completed with honours. While successfully completing her studies for the certification entitled “Competencies in International Language Teaching”. Since January 2017 she has been working as a scientific project employee involved in the FWF-Project entitled “Eheprozesse zwischen dem 16. und 19. Jahrhundert” (Matrimonial proceedings between the 16th and 19th centuries).
Since October 2019 she works as praedoc in the DOC team  project Doing Divorce: Divorce Processes from the 18th Century to the Present, funded by the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Working titel of her PhD thesis: »Vermögensrechtlich (un)ausgeglichen«. Ökonomische Perspektiven auf Ehescheidungen zwischen 1783 und 1938.

he history of criminality, sexuality and gender in the Early Modern Era.


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